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I have always strived to be a hard working go-getter.  It started as a kid when I used to work for change delivering newspapers door to door.  It was during these early years that I got to know Mr. Laube, a prominent Yorkton real estate agent.  I admired his involvement in the community, his attentiveness with people and his dedication to family.  These values now form an integral part of the foundation of CORE Real Estate Inc.

As a young paper boy I looked up to Mr. Laube and when my parents sold our home I had the privilege of sitting at the table and watching how he made it all happen.  That experience set the stage and influenced my decision to consider real estate as a career.

In 2002, fresh out of high school, I got my license and went to work.  At that time the real estate industry in Yorkton was dominated by older agents and someone was needed to relate to younger buyers.  I saw the potential to build a long-lasting career.

I was the youngest agent in the local market and an innovator.  I was the first local agent to use radio and TV as vehicles for personal advertising. Marketing is something I take serious as a well strategized plan helps build awareness and creditability.  I am proud to say that I opened the door for young people to see real estate as a professional career.

Having a real estate career alone was never the end goal.  My dream was to own a real estate brokerage and my goal was to do it by year ten.

Making that dream a reality did not happen without some trepidation.  You know that feeling you get in your core and you do not know if it is fear or excitement, just like when buying a house?  That is how I felt when I was making the decision to start my own company.  My wife Jeanie reassured me, “This is your purpose, go after it, have faith and believe in it."

CORE Real Estate Inc. opened its doors at 5 Third Avenue North in September 2012, achieving my projected ten year goal.

The foundation for my success and CORE Real Estate Inc. has been based on the values that I hold personally.  Help others and you will be helped, listen and offer valuable advice.  Work efficiently, work hard, be creative and think outside the box.

Nearing my thirteenth year in real estate, I am excited to go to work every morning.  Every person and every day is completely different.

I strive to provide my clients with the highest level of business standards, serving them with knowledge, professionalism, trust, integrity and skill.  This is critical to maintaining a thriving business.  In saying that, I am also looking beyond that; marketing, architecture and urban design are other interests I am counting on to help build value in the CORE Real Estate Inc. brand.

My vision is to continue to build our company brand within Saskatchewan as there are so many opportunities within our amazing province.  I am happy to say that I now have the ability to help guide others and allow them to see their full potential as real estate professionals.  Being equipped with the right tools, office and training will provide a solid foundation for these individuals.

Outside of the office, my family brings love and joy into my life.  My wife Jeanie is an RN and a clinical nurse educator for the Sunrise Health Region.  We were married in July 2011 and, shortly thereafter, be began praying for twins.  In July 2012 the lord provided us with twin girls named Khloe and Kendal. Our family continued to grow in May 2014 when we welcomed our precious boy William.  Our family is now complete and we have truly been blessed.  As Jeanie and I are looking forward to the years ahead and raising our children, we are eager to see the changes and growth that continue to happen throughout Yorkton.

Corey Werner "Marketing is something I take seriously, as a well strategized plan helps build awareness and creditability."


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