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Born and raised in the Yorkton area, this is definitely home! Though I did live in Saskatoon twice over the years, a beautiful city, I always found myself coming back…coming home. In 2010 I married my husband Aaron and we lived in Melville during our honeymoon year. In 2011, while expecting our first baby, we moved back to Yorkton. We have settled down here and are enjoying our two beautiful boys. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I am very involved in my worship and related activities. Between that and being a mother of two young children, I do not have the time I used to. Though I am looking forward to finally reading my copy of Gone with the Wind that is slowly collecting dust on the bookshelf, for now play dough, toy cars and Dr. Seuss can keep me busy (I love every minute of it!).

Primarily I have worked in the administrative medical community over the past ten years, with a brief time in insurance. While I enjoyed all my previous occupations, working with Corey and the team is just the change I needed. I love everything about the job (the people, the work, the atmosphere) and am looking forward to working here for years to come.


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Cynthia Zilke "Born and raised in the Yorkton area, this is definitely home."


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