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There are a number of ways to make your property stand out, we want to help you do that.  Below is a list of steps to guide you through the home staging process.


The Exterior

This sets the stage for what is to come.

In The Winter:

  • Shovel the driveway and sidewalks, and if there is too much snow have it hauled away
  • Remove any ice
  • Clear the roof of snow

In The Spring/Summer:

  • Maintain grass cutting and edge where needed
  • Weed the lawn and gardens
  • Plant flowers to enhance curb appeal
  • Trim any trees and hedges
  • Clean the eaves troughs and have the downspouts in place
  • Paint the fence, window trims, garage doors, fascia and doors
  • Wash siding and paint
  • Clean the windows
  • Clean the yard of animal droppings
  • Add yard lighting
  • Clean the street in front of your house
  • Have a nice bold house number

The Interior

Now that we have them in, let's keep their interest.


  • Make the front entry inviting
  • Remove footwear with odor
  • Remove excess footwear and storage that is not being used
  • Clean the closets
  • Lay out a mat

Kitchen and Dining Area:

  • Clean out cabinets and organize them
  • Paint cupboards if they require it
  • Fix any broken cupboard doors
  • Replace the countertop if it is in bad shape
  • Clean the sink for every showing
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink and be aware that people do check dishwashers
  • Clean appliances and remove items from the front of your fridge as it may be distracting to potential buyers
  • Clean light fixtures
  • China cabinets and their contents may not stay so we suggest removing most items and packing them up
  • Windows, ledges, screens and doors need to be cleaned
  • Remove extra appliances on the counter
  • Remove items from above the kitchen cabinets
  • Empty the garbage

Living Room

  • If you have a lot of furniture removing some can pay off big time
  • Clean lamps
  • Do a wipe down
  • Arrange furniture so it opens up the room
  • Remove any personal items; books, magazines, etc.
  • Windows, screens and ledges need to be washed
  • Clean the drapes and blinds


  • Put the toilet seat down
  • Clean the shower, sink and toilet
  • Make sure the vanity is organized and clean
  • Empty the garbage
  • Wipe the mirror
  • Clean the walls around the toilet
  • Replace the shower curtain


  • Do not move items from the house into the garage, but if you do make sure it is neat and in order
  • Remove all garbage
  • Clean the floors
  • Organize tools
  • Paint the walls if they are in rough shape

Additional Tips And Tricks:

  • Put on the buyers' shoes and take a walk through your home to see if there are any items that you think might distract a potential buyer from making an offer on your house
  • Depersonalize your home, this will allow a buyer to picture their possessions in your space
  • Animal and kid items should be tucked away in case potential buyers do not have animals or kids, these items may distract them from feeling comfortable in your space
  • Dust and vacuum
  • Turn the lights on
  • Open the blinds
  • Play soft music
  • Scented items are okay as long as they are not overpowering; scents such as fresh cookies on the counter or the smell of the house being freshly cleaned can leave a lasting impression
  • Have goodies out for buyers to snack on, in many cases they look over lunch or supper and come on an empty stomach so these snacks can make a big impact
  • Write a personal letter that can be left on the counter, this can go over things like when garbage pickup is, recycling pickup, bus schedules and stops, etc.

Take the time to properly stage your home, it will pay off!  Proper staging is a key step in allowing a potential buyer to feel at home in your space and, in turn, for you to receive the right offer.


We are here to help get you on the right track!  Don't hesitate to call.  306.782.9680