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Coming from Kelowna BC, I originally came to Yorkton for a quick visit with my parents. Shortly after I ended up making it home when I met and married my husband in 1999.  We spent many years involved in a local church community and worked with them until I had my first child in 2004.  Fast forward to present day‚Ķ  In my free time I enjoy being with my two wonderful kids who are the pride and joy of my life.  With both of them actively involved in sports and recreational activities it makes for a busy life in which I try to fit in as many opportunities as I can to spend time with my friends and extended family.  When time allows I enjoy dabbling in the fine arts; primarily acrylic paint.  I have also spent many years singing and tinkering on my acoustic guitar, at times even being allowed to play for others.  I am so thankful to have such a full and blessed life.

Having a diverse interest in Office Administration, I consider it a privilege to have worked with CORE Real Estate Inc. since April 2012.  As a savvy entrepreneur, Corey Werner is constantly pushing the envelope and allowing us in administration the opportunity to try many new things. From marketing to event planning, there is always something new happening at CORE!  My arts background has me particularly enjoying the creative elements of the position.  Having said that, I have also made it my focus to help create an office environment that will allow for growth as CORE Real Estate Inc. expands.  Being a young company there has been a need to develop structure and procedures to help things run well, and I have had a passion to see that come together.  It is truly a satisfying experience being a part of the CORE team!


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Jocelyne Hallett "From marketing to event planning, there is always something new happening at CORE!"


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