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At the end of the day the whole selling process comes down to price.  Properly pricing your home will ensure you get top dollar in the current market and it will also help your home sell faster as an accurate price is appealing to buyers.  There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the value of your home:


  1. Housing markets vary from location to location; what your home will sell for in your community may not be what it will sell for in another
  2. Get to know the current market as selling your home can be a direct result of supply and demand; it is good to consider whether you will be selling a new/newly renovated home in a market full of older homes needing work or if will you be competing with homes similar to yours
  3. Ask the professionals:
    • A certified home appraiser will be able to give you guidance based on features and the overall quality of your home
    • Your real estate agent, who knows your area, will provide you with a list of comparable homes that have recently sold thus giving you a better understanding of what your home will sell for

Do not be afraid to do research when pricing your home, the more information you have the better.

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