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"When is the best time to sell our house?"  This is a question we are frequently asked.  What we are really hearing when asked this question is, "How do we get the most money for our house?"

There are a number of variables to keep in mind when deciding to list your property.  First things first, weather and holidays.  Let's be honest, it is rare that people are out house hunting at Christmas time.  Strategic timing can work in your favor.

Early spring and summer are often a great time to put your house on the market as the nice weather has people antsy to get out and moving, gardens are also in full bloom which add to a home's curb appeal.  Buyer demand also tends to steadily grow throughout the warmer months.  Take note that the summer is a great time to target families as parents tend to like buying when their kids are out of school because it can be a lot less stressful.

August is a quieter month with people getting the last of their summer vacations in and slowly getting ready for a new school year.  The fall will see another surge in house sales before eventually quieting down for the Christmas season.  House hunters will dust themselves off in January as they start looking and planning for the year ahead.

During the warmer months is definitely not the only time to sell a property...we do live in Saskatchewan after all!  It is important to take the current market into consideration and to try to list when it is a 'seller's market', when there are fewer homes and more buyers in the market.  This will increase competition for your home and can lead to getting a better offer and closing the sale sooner.

Relocation.  It is becoming more and more common that sellers have to move due to their careers and do not have a choice as to when to sell.  Do not fret!  There are a number of tricks that can help you sell your home quickly; appropriate staging, ensuring driveways and sidewalks are cleared of snow, etc.  It is all about making your home feel like home to potential buyers.

Finally, keep in mind that trying to predict the real estate market is like, well, trying to predict weather in Saskatchewan.  It is hard and can change quickly.  It is best to not over think the selling process and to simply sell when you are ready.

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